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One Brain, Three Tasks

April 10, 2020   Martin Jones
An instructor's brain does three things while teaching.

When you first start training, your brain probably does just one thing — deliver the training. If you only occasionally deliver training, that’s sufficient. But, if you train often enough, you can expect your brain to potentially perform a total of three tasks.

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The Politician's Answer

March 30, 2020   Martin Jones
Don't avoid a question by answering a different question.

Have you ever been in a training session and asked a question, or seen a question asked, only to have the instructor answer a different question?

Maybe it was an accident, but there is a chance that it was deliberate. The trainer gave a politician’s answer.

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Instructor Flexibility Tiers

March 23, 2020   Martin Jones
Instructor flexibility can be categorized into one of three tiers — which one are you?

Managing a large team of instructors, as you might find in a graduate training programme, requires planning to make sure that the right instructor is with the right group, for the right topic, and in the right region. This is challenging enough in stable environments, but training programmes can be highly dynamic, and plans may need to be altered on the ground. Understanding a trainer’s flexibility is therefore critical.

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