Distilled Series Booklets

The 'distilled' series of booklets are highly condensed, graphical expositions on a programming language, method, or technology. The booklets are not primary learning materials, nor are they a replacement for an instructor led course. Instead, they are designed to complement a course. They serve as a reminder of some of the fundamental and technical concepts that are essential for a comprehensive understanding of that topic.
The booklets are provided under the 'attribution, no derivatives' creative commons license. Course attendees, course instructors (including those delivering other courses), developers, team managers, and anyone else that might be interested are encouraged to make good use of the booklets. If you are interested in customizing a booklet to include your company's information, or you would like to embed part of the booklet into another document or medium, then please contact us to discuss licensing terms.


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Perl DistilledDec 2010PDF Image